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KL Hiking unwillingly blocked the main entrance of the Zoo, so we left the meet-up point slightly earlier than scheduled. An immense long convoy set off to Kampung Kemensah but eventually all cars reached the car park without any issues. After registration and a short briefing 75 hikers commenced which will most probably be the easiest hike of the year. Due to the absence of foliage during the first part of the hike, all were exposed to the midday sun. Some liked this simmering part of the hike while others where alternating sweating and cursing me... Admitted, the temperature played an important role and made the hike slightly tougher. But good gracious I'm happy to get the opportunity to hike with some sunshine after a monsoon season that appeared to last for more than eleven months. Pretty fast the group stretched out and the difference between those in front and the hikers at the back became more substantial with the minute. On our way to the lake we didn't get the chance to see Genting Highlands in the distance. We were however rewarded with a splendid panorama when we returned. Bit by bit all hikers reached the lake after a relatively steep descent. Time for some refreshments, taken internally by some and externally by others. The first hikers started to work their way up again shortly after Robinson, acting as the sweeper, brought the last hikers safely to the half way point. Once we reached the top of the hill again, we turned towards Tabur. Here was some protection against the sun as we entered the jungle. As attached to an invisible ribbon, hikers meandered their way down through some forest, rubber trees and orang asli orchards. Most of them managed to keep their feet and head dry as they reached the car park before a downpour regaled those who were still on the trail with some coolness.
Klang Gates Dam Trail 25-Feb-2012
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