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I don't want to give the impression that we're pampering our more experienced hikers with hikes like Rajah, and Liang and Irau to come. So I went for a survey hike in the Klang Gates dam area. There are a few clear trails in the Gombak Forest Reserve so I used those to start with. I followed the Klang Gates Dam trail, made a little detour and reached eventually the lake. The track is wide and hiking on it is very easy and only moderately steep. The only disadvantage is the fact that as a hiker you are completely exposed to the elements, in this case the sun, due to the absence of foliage. On the other hand this makes the hike so attractive as you have a beautiful panorama over the mountains of the Titiwangsa range that surround the lake. And Genting Highlands pops up proudly in the middle of the picture. There are a few steep sections, but hardly worth mentioning it. The trail reaches a top with several junctions, but I followed all the way down to the lake. The water was surprisingly warm, compared to the cold mountain streams we often cross, but more than inviting enough for a refreshing swim. What a wonderful feeling to have the entire lake to yourself... :) I didn't want to go back the same way I came, so when I reached the junctions again, I turned right towards Tabur which was standing almighty in front of me. That part of the track provides more shade and offers a nice jungle walk with lots of wild boars, running for their life as soon as they're spotted. The final descent led me through an orang asli settlement with very friendly people. From then on it was only a few hundred meters to the car park, using a tarred road.
Gombak Forest Reserve - Survey hike 12-Feb-2012
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