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Mount Kinabalu 25-28/11/2013 Puluong-Fansipan-Sapa 1-9/9/14
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Important Please note that the Indonesian airport authorities levy an airport tax for every departing flight of IDR150,000.00 per person. Hikes on request If you have a certain destination or target in mind, do contact us  and we will work out the perfect hike for you or your group.
15 - 22 June
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8 Days / 7 Nights This will be a trip in which we will explore the entire of Flores, from the three lakes to Komodo National Park.
This event certainly has some trekking activities, but this time we mainly focus on the very interesting culture of Flores. We will visit several villages and ethnic groups. On the way we will enjoy the splendid panoramic views on volcanoes and paddy fields. And of course snorkeling will be on the programme as well...
Kelimutu is a volcano, close to the town of Moni in central Flores Island of Indonesia. It contains three summit crater lakes of varying colours. Tiwu Ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People) is usually blue and is the westernmost of the three lakes. The other two lakes, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Bewitched or Enchanted Lake) are separated by a shared crater wall and are typically green or red in color, respectively. The lake colors do vary on a periodic basis. Subaqueous fumaroles are the probable cause of active upwelling that occurs at the two eastern lakes. Besides the visit of the local villages and ethnic tribes, we will make an excursion to Komodo Island. We will explore the island and spend the night on the boat before continuing our excursion. Itinerary Day 1: 15th June 2013 Arrival at Airport Maumere, meeting with our guide Transfer to Moni Visit Ledalero (antique hand-woven clothes, fossils) Dinner and overnight stay at hotel in Paga Beach   Day 2: 16th June 2013 Visit Kelimutu volcano and the three lakes Transfer to Bajawa passing Wologai/Koanara village Dinner and overnight stay at hotel   Day 3: 17th June 2013 Breakfast at hotel Trek to the volcano Explore traditional village of Bajawa tribes Visit Bena - a megalithic village where people do preserve their ancestral spirits and way of life Visit Inerie, an active volcano Transfer to Ruteng Visit Aimere village and and Ranamese lakeDinner and overnight stay at hotel   Day 4: 18thJune 2013 Breakfast at hotel Transfer to Dnge (oldest traditional village of Manggarainesse) Jungle trek to Waerebo village Dinner and overnight stay in homestay (traditional) Day 5: 19th June 2013 Breakfast in homestay Trekking to Denge village and Labuan Bajo (panoramic views of paddy fields) Dinner and overnight stay at hotel Day 6: 20th June 2013 Transfer to pier of Labuan Bajo Boat transfer to Komodo Island via Rinca Island Exploring Komodo Island Dinner and overnight stay on board Day 7: 21st June 2013 Sail to Lohliang Trekking on Komodo Island Transfer to Pink beach, a coral reef, for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing Sail to Labuahan Bajo Dinner and overnight stay at hotel Day 8: 22nd June 2013 Breakfast at hotel Visit Batu Cermin Transfer to Maumere Airport Price RM1,900.00 Booking modalities Your participation is only confirmed upon full payment of the participation fee.When you have made a payment, it is understood that you have read, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions. Your hike leaders Alex KL Hiking & Lily Choo