Monday 26th March 2012 Just came back from a wonderful trip to Krakatoa in Indonesia. A very international group of 35 hikers joined us for this 3D/2N event - our first Indonesian volcano hike... Unfortunately I got injured when jumping out of the speedboat - I hit the propeller with my knee - but there’s hope that I’ll hike again next weekend to Pine Tree in Fraser’s. The weather was splendid; even at night... The night on the island, watching the glow of Krakatoa in the distance and gazing with awe to the billions of stars in the Milky Way, is one I will never forget. Monday 19th March 2012 Finished a very interesting week in Sabah. Although we had plans to climb Mount Trusmadi and Mount Tambuyukon in the same week, Sabah Parks had other plans... The climb of Mount Trusmadi was also subject to changes and we had to take another route to climb the mountain. Mount Trusmadi Gunung Wakid Mount Kinabalu solo
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