Monday 30th January 2012 The survey hike to Liang West and East provided us with all the ingredients one can expect of a trek in the Malaysian jungles: a climb of more than 1,700 meters, sun and rain, day and night, amazing flora from orchids to mossy backdrops, and a rich fauna. Saturday 28th January 2012 A great day and a killer hike! Gunung Pass, Gunung Yellow and Gunung Irau from Simpang Pulai road and back. Although the hike is merely 21km, it got 32 ascents and decents, which are good for 6km in length. A five star rating if you ask me... Friday 27th January 2012 The design of this website is getting its definitive form. Time to launch it... I still have to work on some minor issues, but there’s no need to wait until the work is finished - if it ever does... Hope you enjoy it! 
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